Draft Tommy Lee Jones for Senate

Texas’ conservative voters aren’t about to send just any Democrat to the Senate in 2012. Hell, it’s been seventeen years since a Democrat has won any statewide race here. That’s quite a record – and one we’d like to see broken.

To do that, whoever the Democratic nominee is in 2012 better bring something awfully special to the race. Tommy Lee Jones is the only Democrat (or potential Democrat) who does. His name ID, near-universal popularity, fundraising ability, residence in and love for this state, his success as a cattle rancher, Spanish fluency, his image as a western tough guy and his impressive academic credentials would instantly make him the frontrunner, regardless of who the Republicans nominate.

Think of a Democrat with a better shot than Tommy Lee Jones. Go ahead. If you come up with a name other than LBJ or Ann Richards, post it on our Facebook page

Is he likely to do it? Who knows? But if there’s a 1% chance that someone with a greater than 50/50 shot might get in the race, it’s worth the effort. Or would you rather just watch the next Democratic victim struggle to break 40% as a generic extremist right wing Republican waltzes right into the United States Senate?

So, if you’d like to see Jones run, please like the Facebook page and sign the petition. Once we get enough signatures, we’ll pass it along and urge him to consider getting in the race.